Change Management & Strategy

Many of DVC’s previous projects involve people making changes to the way they have always done things. I have a proven track record of successfully facilitating and managing these changes using evidence based methodologies such as cognitive behavioural coaching approaches, Motivational Interviewing and mentoring.

I have specialised at DVC in creating or developing herd health programmes. Previous examples include the AHDB Healthy Feet Programme, Elanco’s Healthy Start Checklist, MSD’s Calf Health Checklist, the AHDB InCalf guide and MilkSure. There is always a strong focus on the science of how the messages are conveyed and will be implemented, as well as the messages themselves.

It is better to plan well and build strong foundations into any campaign  in order to achieve your overall aims. Please talk to me if you have an idea, or would like to progress some thoughts on how to engage people to “do the right thing” in herd health. This is strategic stuff: you need the right mix of skills to make a success of an initiative and these projects are right up my street.

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