Herd Health Management

I work with farmers to identify areas of opportunity and improvement, using my specialist knowledge of cow health and production performance. Usually in collaboration with the local vet, I am able to add value by offering impartial advice and expert second opinion to individual farms. I work particularly in the areas of lameness management, building design, youngstock health, medicines, and rumen health.

If you are a practicing vet, there are lots of ways in which I can help your practice or to support your clients, as a one-off intervention or a longer term relationship. If you are a farmer in the UK, you are very welcome to contact me directly. Because it is good ethical practice, I will liaise with your own local vet before making a visit.

My fees are transparent and straight forwards, usually on a daily fee basis, plus travel costs. Clients engage me after agreeing to a costed proposal beforehand.

I am accustomed to working with overseas dairy operations which require specialist veterinary help or training, as long as there is a good fit. Please feel free to send an email to outline your request.

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