About Us

Dairy Veterinary Consultancy Ltd is owned and operated by Owen Atkinson BVSc DCHP MRCVS, a dairy vet Specialist, CowSignals® trainer and herd health consultant, with over 20 years’ clinical experience in cattle health and production.

Combining a unique blend of skills – scientific, commercial and practical – Dairy Veterinary Consultancy provides strategic health advice and communication services to the whole of the dairy supply chain. This includes farms, as well as suppliers to the industry, national organisations, processors and retailers.

We help businesses and organisations achieve their objectives of better herd health management, which in turn enables them to:
increase productivity and profit
earn the confidence and respect of dairy and beef consumers.

We offer a comprehensive consultancy service focusing on good health management in cows and knowledge transfer.

Dairy Veterinary Consultancy has the KNOWLEDGE and SKILLS to give impartial advice and support to our customers.

We work with our clients to understand their business problems and opportunities. Once we have agreed a STRATEGY with our customer we plan the TACTICS to get the project delivered. We bring imaginative and bespoke solutions that are well researched, rooted in science, and down to earth. Finally we monitor the RESULTS.

We can help you achieve your dairy health management goals. It may be a short project, for example to meet an objective of increasing knowledge in a certain area, or you may want us to work on a longer term programme working with a number of veterinary or farmer clients to deliver measurable change. Whatever your requirement, we have the experience and
expertise to complete it professionally and with integrity