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A day in the life of a dairy cow

A housed herd of 132 Jersey cows used in the study. Note nearly all cows are either standing to eat, or lying down in cubicles. There are very few “loafing” cows, or cows stood in cubicles viagra generique pas. See Time Budget for actual results. One of the four success factors for healthy feet is [...]

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Routine Ketosis Testing

“Hi Owen, I attended your CPD day on the Rumen Health Visit a couple of months ago, and have been asked by a few farmers about monitoring ketosis. I wondered if you would be able to tell me whether you know of an electronic milk ketone meter I could get hold of for one of [...]

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Digital Dermatitis

I often get asked about controlling digital dermatitis. Here is a recent query from Justin, and my response: “I know Digi is a bacteria spread usually by animals that are brought into the farm. They say it shows up when the cows immune system is low. But: How is it spread? Is it just coming [...]

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Belly Ache

As further bad news regarding milk prices clouds the industry, it can be difficult to remain focussed on the bigger picture. And it is heartening that so many dairy farmers I speak to seem to be doing so. Cows which live in a comfortable environment have a lower cost of production. They live longer, enjoy [...]

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Starting a blog

This week was full of the usual diversity which helps me love my work! At the beginning of the week I joined a panoply of individuals involved with cattle youngstock at a workshop organised by AHDB to work out what we can do to reduce losses from pneumonia. Is it that we don’t know enough? [...]

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FUW calls for halt on wasteful badger vaccination scheme

The Farmers’ Union of Wales has repeated its long standing call for a science led policy to control TB in wildlife after the Welsh Government suggested the abandoned badger vaccination pilot in north Pembrokeshire could restart in 2017. The Farmers’ Union of Wales has repeated its long standing call for a science led policy to [...]

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