Our Values

Our values underpin all our work. We have chosen to make clear our values as they help inform our customers and colleagues why Dairy Veterinary Consultancy exists.


Creativity is the ingredient which makes DVC exciting and unique to our customers. We bring imaginative solutions and tactics to herd health programmes and research projects. These include combining technology, psychology and veterinary knowledge. To engage an audience, successfully bring about change, or simply to make a technical note easy to read, it is important to maintain a sense of enjoyment too.

These elements are all part of our creativity and is why we don’t just meet our projects’ basic objectives but surpass them.


We really do get the people who work with cattle, including vets as well as farmers. We enjoy their company and understand the work they do and the challenges they face. We see things from their perspective. Respect and understanding mean we can communicate with our target audience and tailor projects to their needs – which makes them more likely to work.

It should go without saying, our empathy for the animals which are at the very heart of our industry is solid too. We love cows. We want to make the lives of cattle and the people who care for them better all round.


We include here evidence based medicine and advice, and impartiality. We strive always to operate without prejudice which means we can work with lots of different stakeholders and avoid conflicts of interest to achieve a greater goal. Our outputs are well researched, rooted in science and down to earth. We like to be open: straight forwards to deal with and receptive to new ideas. We view problems from different perspectives and recognise when things can or should be done better. We do not blind with science. We want our work to be useful, not just a means to an end.

All of this encompasses our honesty.