As further bad news regarding milk prices clouds the industry, it can be difficult to remain focussed on the bigger picture. And it is heartening that so many dairy farmers I speak to seem to be doing so. Cows which live in a comfortable environment have a lower cost of production. They live longer, enjoy better health and produce milk more efficiently. Never more obviously than in voluntary milking systems where contented cows eat more frequently and pay more visits to the robot. Having the right floor surface which gives cows confidence to move around without fear of slipping and which promotes good hoof health is essential. That is why I am so enjoying a current project for Moore Concrete, examining different floor surfaces, interviewing farmers and observing cows avis viagra generique. Their Surefoot slip resistant slats seem to receive excellent feedback – from cows and farmers alike.

Last week ended with the beginnings of a cold – not a bad one but the first I’ve had all winter. Trouble is I’ve been afflicted with stomach ache most of the week too – food poisoning or a bad pint I reckon! Either way, it’s dampened my enthusiasm for my morning run and have skipped it two days this week – the first time in months. I don’t want to lose the habit.

How do habits form? That’s a question which fascinates me and totally ties in with a lot of my work which revolves around motivating changes in behaviour: for example, to identify early lameness – regularly mobility score – and follow up with prompt effective treatment. I have been reading a book, The Power of Habit, which has been very interesting. Why we do what we do and how to change the mould….Got to start thinking of quick rewards to entice new habits.

Enjoyed a sunny trip to London today for a meeting. Damned expensive on the train, but always a pleasure (for me) to visit London. Still a novelty after all these year