Project Description

Government Body

Utilising an expertise of working across different bodies within the dairy industry from farmers through to vet practices, from universities and government bodies, through to corporate leaders, DVC has been able to help the Welsh Government deliver its ‘Improving the Welsh Dairy Supply Chain’ project.

The aim of the project was to strengthen the dairy industry in Wales and maintain its viability as a career choice for young people. Dairy Veterinary Consultancy led a field research project involving 75 dairy farms throughout Wales and their veterinary surgeons. This widely respected study collected, collated and analysed data on all aspects of dairy heifer management from birth through to the first lactation.

The results of the project have helped determine the success factors for calf management and heifer rearing. These were widely reported in the farming press and are used by vets and farmers to inform decisions on farms. The project enabled vets to work more closely with their clients in an often neglected area of livestock health. It is fair to say that this initiative, and DVC’s expertise in delivering it, has been a springboard for many vets, including those outside Wales, to have a far more pro-active approach in calf health. This has resulted in huge benefits to health and welfare, as well as profitability and sustainability for dairy farms.

I am particularly proud to have been involved in this project, due to its obvious and widespread result of making lives better for calves and the people who care for them.

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