Project Description

Feed Supplements Supplier

Alltech is the market leader in mycotoxin binders for the UK dairy industry but their own research was telling them that vets do not always possess sufficient confidence about their understanding of mycotoxins to advise their clients appropriately.

They briefed Dairy Veterinary Consultancy to help improve technical knowledge amongst cattle vets about mycotoxicity in ruminants, particularly dairy herds.

Drawing on my expertise on rumen health I was able to devise a series of information bulletins which were circulated to farm vets via a media partner.

A rumen health training workshop was developed to further increase vets’ confidence in diagnosing rumen health problems. This has helped ensure that Alltech products are used at the right time and for the correct circumstances. Many vets are now more engaged with mycotoxin advice and are able to better help their farmers in an important area of nutritional health.

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