About Owen Atkinson

Hi, I grew up always around a menagerie of farm animals. I became a vet, quickly specialising in farm work and dairy cows. After 20 years as a typical farm vet, I now run my own business, Dairy Veterinary Consultancy Ltd. Nowadays my clients are not only farmers, but also others in the dairy supply chain. I understand cows, dairy farming and veterinary business, so the big value I bring is helping vets and farmers work more effectively for better health management. My aim is to improve the lives of cows and those who care for them.

Some thoughts for farm vets when giving advice

Giving advice to farmers is an essential daily part of a farm vet’s job. Preferably, this is not unsolicited advice; it is always better to have the farmer actively seek your help (ask for it). This is more likely if you can conduct the right kind of conversation, and make yourself very approachable and open. [...]

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Responsible use of antibiotics on dairy farms

This is a hot subject so let’s not rake over old ground. You may not yet fully understand the mechanics of resistance but you will surely have heard how penicillin was discovered by accident only 70 years ago but has changed medicine indescribably; and how widespread resistance would result in cataclysmic consequences. Let’s not delve [...]

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Dairy Farming in Sudan

I have an involvement with a 600 cow dairy in Sudan a consultancy basis. It is an interesting farm and an interesting aspect of my job. I recently returned from a short trip there. 45deg C but a dry heat. With good fans and misters, it is possible to provide a comfortable environment for the [...]

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Tough Times call for Tough Decisions

Last month, I attended the #Decisions4Dairy forum, representing the British Cattle Veterinary Association. It was a sobering meeting. This is how I wrote it up for BCVA members: “Decisions 4 Dairy Forum BCVA were invited to attend a recent cross-dairy-industry forum to discuss the current dire financial situation and low milk price for many producers. [...]

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